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Welcome, if you are here you are ready for healing and to expand your consciousness. Healing is a learning process and I will help you find what you need to give to yourself. Together we can find and dissolve the energy blockades that are stopping you from being healthy and start the healing path to your higher self. To book a session or any inquiries please go to the contact section. 


Adriaan Seven

* Adriaan was born with a very strong sense for energy. Since he was a child he could feel energetically and emotional energies in people around him, and he had a talent since a very young age to see auras, orbs and energy fields. In his twenties he approached Mexican shamans in ceremonies which expanded his consciousness and he learned with them how to heal others and manage energy. In his thirties he got an spiritual awakening triggered by a emotional and physical breakdown, in this time of sickness he realised that his own healing and transformation was about sharing his talent to others. Since then he has learned different healing techniques from different healers around the world and now is a full time healer residing in Hamburg / Germany. Adriaan is a healer, artist, mystique, musician and shaman.



In this part 1 seminar of shamanic healing we will learn how to connect to a higher state of consciousness using our voice, meditation and energy. How to feel others using our body and awareness, how to sing and use mantras for healing ourselves and others, how to make a sound healing with instruments, how to use a shamanic drum and get in a self induced trance including different rhythms. And how to build and prepare the shamanic flower cross for a healing ritual. This first seminar is focused on our own healing with different energy work and shamanic techniques.

We will learn the next points and techniques:

•Introduction to shamanism and energy work.

•how to connect to higher states of consciousness by chanting and meditating.

•how to feel and identify our own energy to feel others. 

•how to heal our own energy field and aura.

•how to sing sacred mantras for our healing.

•how to channel your own mantra from spirit guides.

•how to create a sound healing session for ourselves.

•how to play the shamanic drum and induced a  self trance state.

•how to build the shamanic flower cross and how to use it in a ritual.                   •how to bless with shamanic water.

•how to heal fever / illnesses / emotional pain with sacred chanting and the shamanic embalming technique.

We will practice with each other so every person will learn all the techniques to apply and heal themselves anytime after the workshop. This basic seminar is focused on our own healing and how to connect to ourselves, the advance seminar is focused on how to connect to ourselves and others making healing sessions to others. It is necessary to attend the advance level seminar for making healing sessions to others as we teach then the techniques to connect safely to energies and to others and be responsible of our own energy. We will finish both seminars with a ceremony where you will be part of the shamanic circle where we all be healing each other. 

This basic seminar is available for anybody without experience who feel the call, come as you are, you need no prerequisites or previous experience, but is also a seminar for growing in techniques for experienced healers and energy workers.This seminar will also be certificated by the Xamá Healing Energy Workers®

The advanced seminar and level 2 will include some of these techniques: the middle pillar energy work technique to connect to higher states of consciousness, shamanic breathwork to induce higher states of awareness, shiatsu basics to connect with our own tissue and energy and how to feel and touch others. Channelling and invoking of spirit guides with mantras and chants. Healing the aura field of others with energy work. Healing the body with the micrcosmic orbit. How to invoke kundalini energy to enter higher states of consciousness. How to perform a ritual and healing session for others. How to hold the energy space and control the energies in a ritual.

After attending seminars level 1 and 2 you will be certificated in the Xamá healing energy workers® as a Shamanic Healer practitioner and you can make healing sessions and shamanic rituals to others. We will keep a record on all shamanic healers and will constantly practice with each other to expand our knowledge and awareness.

Energy exchange: 300 euros 

                               (certificate included)


*Theta Healing is an energy technique that uses energy and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and trauma in the energy field and unconscious mind. By connecting to the higher self, Adriaan can receive messages and visions of what needs to be changed, clear or acknowledge, this messages are coming directly from the client higher consciousness and can have a deep impact on the client to know what’s the next step for healing or expanding. Together both healer and client raise the vibration to flow energy and release the blockades.

70 euros / 1 Hour 


*Alma dao is a strong healing technique using hands and pressure in the body to identify deep rooted negative energy blockades, this blockades stop us from expanding our consciousness and flowing our energy to reach higher layers of awareness. By finding this blockades and release them, the negative energy is released in form of emotional pain, anger and sadness, the more the energy has to transform the longer it releases. After the releasing of negative energy, we feel a silent peace and a loving awareness which wasn’t allowed to be feel so we can expand our consciousness and fulfil our path. This powerful healing is highly recommended for people suffering of sickness, depression, anxiety, lacking self-love, or people wanting to find their path in their life and expand their consciousness.

70 euros / 1 Hour 


*This healing technique works with earth/consciousness, darkness/light, female/male energies to cleanse the aura and energy system with the help of singing, music and smudging I learned from different shamans around the world.
We will use indigenous mantras that have healing powers and will channel my own shaman guides to manifest the protection and love energy needed to heal.

The vibration in the ceremony releases the stuck energy and helps the person aligned with their own soul guides. 

70 euros / 1 Hour


You want to find your own path of spiritual growth but you don’t know how ?You feel lost once you got your spiritual awakening ? Are you urgently needing an spiritual awakening? Do you need spiritual coaching or help?
This and other important questions we can answer together with the help of different techniques we can find together which way or purpose you are aligned to. 

70 euros / 1 hour 


For booking a session or any question please write an email, thank you.