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Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that combines assisted stretching influenced by Yoga, and physical pressure along energy lines influenced by Chinese acupuncture and Ayurveda. 

This massage will flow the energy in your body dissolving energy & emotional blockades and feeling nourished & energized.

1 hour / 60 euros
30 min / 30 euros 


*Using tantric techniques that move the feminine & masculine energies in the body this massage has a sensual, spiritual and energetic component, moving energy throughout the body to nourish the senses & promote inner healing.

By arousing the body, nadis & meridians, the fire in tan tien will expand & move upwards the spine to the crown creating an orbit of energy and arousal that vitalize the whole body & energy.

60 euros  / 1 hour 

30 euros  / 30 min


*Alma dao massage is a strong healing technique using hands and pressure in the body to identify deep rooted negative energy blockades, this blockades stop us from expanding our consciousness and flowing our energy to reach higher layers of awareness.

 By finding this blockades and release them, the negative energy is released in form of emotional pain, anger and sadness, the more the energy has to transform the longer it releases. After the releasing of negative energy, we feel a silent peace and a loving awareness which wasn’t allowed to be feel so we can expand our consciousness and fulfil our path. This powerful healing is highly recommended for people suffering of sickness, depression, anxiety, drained energy.

70 euros / 1 hour


*Theta Healing is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

ThetaHealers are on the forefront of mapping the mind/body/universe connection. We have come to understand that our belief systems create our current environment, including our daily patterns, our health, our wealth, and our relationships. Our beliefs are often rooted during childhood, passed down from our ancestors, or absorbed from group consciousness.

100 euros / 1 Hour  


*This healing technique works with earth/consciousness, darkness/light, female/male energies to cleanse the aura and energy system with the help of singing, music and smudging I learned from different shamans around the world.

We will use indigenous mantras that have healing powers and will channel my own shaman guides to manifest the protection and love energy needed to heal.

The vibration in the ceremony releases the stuck energy and helps the person aligned with their own soul guides. 

70 euros / 1 Hour

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